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  1. Attend a volunteer orientation. After receiving your application, we will let you know dates and times for orientations.

Volunteer shifts start at 10 am every day of the week, and are scheduled in advance with our key volunteers. Volunteers are expected to stay for three hours per shift and work at least three shifts per month to stay in touch with routines and animal relationships. We ask that volunteers commit to at least six months of service for these same reasons. We welcome volunteering with a group or your family members (those under age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)! We recommend you keep track of your volunteer mileage, it may be tax-deductible; talk to your financial advisor.

Our physical volunteer jobs are related to caring for animals, landscaping, building and repair projects, gardening, and general clean-up. These are physically demanding jobs so volunteers must be in good shape and not suffer from allergies to animals or hay, have low back pain or orthopedic medical issues.

If hands-on physical work is not a good fit for you, we have many opportunities for supporting One Heart Wild through organizing, clerical type work, technical expertise, graphic design, special event, outreach and fundraising support. 

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