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The essence of our organization can be found in the interconnectedness between humanity and the nonhuman animals with which it shares planet Earth. Since time immemorial, animals have inspired us, delighted us, fed us, comforted us, befriended us and protected us.  Our relationships with them are reflected in every aspect of our culture--from art to commerce.

It is only recently that our relationship to nonhuman animal life on our planet has taken two profound leaps. The first is a dramatically increased appreciation for our dependance on and responsibility for our planet and all of its life. We are all rapidly realizing that technology and industrialization have tilted a delicate balance and that we need to develop sustainable practices to regain and maintain that balance.

The second leap involves our understanding of the commonalities we share with nonhuman animals, especially--but not limited to--social mammals and birds. We have learned that shared instinctual behaviors go far beyond maternal protection, self-preservation and theories of dominance and submissiveness. They also extend to complex areas such as empathy and -- most importantly -- psychological suffering and resultant aberrant behavior.

To be frank, what humanity has mostly learned is that it still has a great deal to learn!  But, already, practical knowledge has been gained to help us understand how trans-species psychological principles can be applied to help bring balance and healing and well-being to human lives.

To that end, our mission at One Heart Wild is simple: 

We exist to advance human understanding of the life-changing power of Trans-species Psychology and to enable our clients to enjoy lives of extraordinary balance, purpose, effectiveness, enthusiasm, and health while contributing to a more gracious and sustainable world.

In the doing, we understand that our cause cannot succeed by practice alone; it must also include vigorous advocacy for the beneficial impact that more gentle and empathic living can have on our world.

Yes, we delight in changing individual lives, one relationship at a time.

But we are driven by the knowledge that the collective impact of our work will be a culture that values kindness, empathy, balance and healthfulness for all life on earth.

Bailey and Rasa Connecting in Curiosity During a ROOTS Institute Module

One Heart Wild is proud to be a vital part of a vibrant community.

We were founded to bring awareness, education, and healing to the at-risk natural world, children, adults, families and non-human animals.

Our professional services aim to empower healthy relationships, sustainability, vitality and resilience in our community.

We are subtle activists who challenge "the way it has always been done" and seek new, innovative, scientific, and connected ways to inspire all beings to find their wholeness through healthy, whole relationship with self, each other, and our environment.

We are not at all about labels and use "at-risk" only to describe human and nonhuman beings who are challenged in ways that potentially alter their sense of self worth, confidence, resilience, autonomy, and ability to express their own unique voice in the world.

We know that we are all "at-risk" at times in our lives. Some of us struggle with heavier loads than others, all of us benefit from opportunities to learn about how the inside of us is working, to listen to our body's wisdom, to develop new skills and tools to work with our emotions, and to experiment with courageously living our authenticity in a safe and empathic environment.

Understanding and healing the circumstances that put us at risk is foundational to our mission. We are dedicated to reconnecting people to nature and the inspired wonder of relationship with nonhuman animals for the reciprocal benefit of all.

One Heart Wild Therapeutic Sanctuary is the only professional services organization on the Kitsap Peninsula offering professional nature based services in animal/equine assisted therapeutic interventions, humane education for students, sustainability experience and education and professional certification in equine and inter-species experiential facilitation.

We are growing with the help of our donors and volunteers who make our mission possible. We are dedicated to bringing services to those in need of healing, more joy, a sense of belonging, a place to celebrate individuality; be it nature, people, or nonhuman beings.

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