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ROOTS Training Core Expectations Agreement:

  1. Commitment to Emotional Growth 

One Heart Wild and ROOTS Institute firmly believe that working in partnership with social nonhuman species requires a deeper understanding of self in order to safely do no harm to any species and effectively hold space for the equine/other nonhuman animal, and the client.

ROOTS Institute defines this expectation as a willingness to be open to healing, discovering and developing aspects of self that will support empathy, compassion, capacity for vulnerability towards self and others and increasing personal resilience.

It is also understood that areas of personal growth needed to support facilitation of equine experiential sessions be collaboratively discussed with your ROOTS Instructors along with an additional support plan that could include personal counseling or coaching.

  1. Intentionality for Shifting the Paradigm Towards Humane Trans-Species Relational Work 

The worldview of human-nonhuman animal interaction from habitat loss to farm animals to medical research to show breeding to working therapeutically in relationship with horses and other nonhuman animals is changing based on conscious awareness and contemporary science. One Heart Wild and ROOTS Institute firmly believe that the equine experiential field of emotional healing and growth through relationship is ethically bound to set the standard in care, respect, empathy, well being, welfare, advocacy and reciprocity within our human-horse-nonhuman animal relationships and interactions.

  1. Graduate Level Academic Ability and Commitment 

ROOTS education programs are rigorously based on the most up to date science in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, ethology, ecology, mindfulness and trauma informed mind-body healing. The human-nonhuman animal interaction and equine experiential learning and psychotherapy fields are evolving rapidly. ROOTS Institute instructors will integrate the latest science and theories supporting the field as it become available. We invite students to be rigorous in their intent to challenge old beliefs, expand their depth of knowledge on an ongoing basis and to be fully prepared to practice ethically, compassionately and professionally with our animal kin and within the human-nonhuman animal interaction field.

  1. Nonhuman Animal Scope of Practice and Safety Agreement 

Acceptance in to the ROOTS Training Programs is not dependent upon a specified level of horsemanship proficiency, however, student’s skills and experience must be a safe and reasonable match for the work the student will do in this field. If students require additional skill and confidence training, students agree that Instructors will develop a plan to support the student’s growth and learning which may include an internship, additional courses and/or specified scope of practice.

  1. Building Skill Proficiency 

Students are supported through each module in assessing their competency, comfort, and confidence in the material and experiences provided through strengths based collaborative assessments at the end of each module. One Heart Wild’s ROOTS Institute Instructors are fully committed to our student’s success and preparedness to enter the field upon completion of their program. When required, a plan for meeting expected skills for program completion will be created and supported by the ROOTS team. 

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