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One Heart Wild is a qualified charity for the Washington State Combined Fund Drive for state employee giving programs and the Federal Combined Federal Campaign for federal employee giving programs.

Founder Drea Bowen is interviewed by the Washington Secretary of State Charities Division, July 2017

Her portion of the interview starts at 35 minutes.
Click here to listen to the podcast!

As a mission driven organization we exist to promote the health, well-being and welfare of humans, animals, and nature through mutually beneficial relationships. 

One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary envisions a community that inspires healing, kindness, and advocacy through empathic relationships with all life on earth. 

Your monthly payroll deduction will go directly to support the following programs:

  • The care and nutritional needs of our Sanctuary Residents.
  • Scholarship funding, to remove financial barriers for at-risk youth and families to participate in Animal Assisted Self Development and Therapy services. Our clients include foster youth as young as 5 years old, to homeless teens, youth and teens challenged with anxiety and depression, and adults and families.
  • Materials and supplies for the community volunteer program. In 2017 our volunteers are on track to log over 10,000 hours dedicated to caring for the animal residents, building and repairing enclosures, maintaining pastures and common spaces and representing OHW during community events. Our volunteer force include foster teens, community adults, families, seniors, and active duty military groups.
  • Outreach program expenses for Animals & Empathy Elementary Program and Teens Breathe in Nature. OHW has developed two nature based programs that encourage empathy and emotional resilience through our relationship with each other, our animal kin, mindfulness, and time in nature. Both programs include a series of classroom experiential learning sessions and a visit to the Sanctuary: workshop for teens and an experiential field trip for elementary students. Costs for these programs include helping teachers with transportation costs, providing classroom materials, and workshop and field trip supplies.

One Heart Wild provides unique and important services to humans and nonhuman animals alike. We are the only professional certified and insured Animal Assisted Professional Services organization serving the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas.

We appreciate that you have many choices with regards to your personal giving choices. We hope that you will consider One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary a worthy cause for your hard earned giving dollars. If you have any questions about us or our programs contact us anytime.

"Sanctuary Much!"

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