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Speaking & Presenter Services

As a nonprofit organization, part of our mission is education. Our highly qualified team of professionals are available to speak in a variety of venues including; classrooms, education staff training, fundraising events, professional conferences, community organizations, clubs and corporate events. 

We are happy to customize a professional presentation for your needs or interests on any of the following topics:

  • How Non-human Animals Help Nurture Empathy & Build Resilience
  • Balancing Technology with Nature Nurtures Curiosity and Well Being 
  • The Science behind Equine Experiential Learning & Psychotherapy
  • All Social Mammals (including humans) Share 7 Primary Emotions - The Neuroscience of Animal Emotion
  • One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary - Who We Are & What We Do For Our Youth and Community
  • Animals & Empathy ~ A classroom and One Heart Wild Field Trip Program for Elementary Students
  • How Can Working With Non-human Social Animals Help Ease Anxiety?
  • Trans-Species Psychology ~ Understanding Non-humans Animals through Neuroscience, Psychology & Ethology
  • The Science of Equine/Canine Ethology Does Not Support Dominant Training Methods

We do a specified number of volunteer education presentations to the community each year and we welcome a donation to One Heart Wild when possible.

Contact Us Today To Inquire About Scheduling A Speaking Engagement

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