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One Heart Wild is home to over 60 animals. We are responsible for them in every way. They are not all the same, and don't have the same needs. In this video, you get to spend time with Lupe, a OHW super volunteer, and learn about everything that goes in to feeding one of the three meals we feed every day to the Sanctuary residents. This is an activity many of our clients, young and old, like to learn about and help with. It feels good to put so much care in to doing something nice for someone else. It also feels good when the nonhuman animals show their appreciation by being so excited to see you coming with their meal.

There is a lot of poop happening here at the Sanctuary. Sometimes called "scat," or "fecal matter," poop tells us a lot about the health of our animal residents, and which wild animals have been visiting. In this video, join Brie and become a poop scientist, gathering samples to be sent off to a laboratory to test for parasites. Check back for the Lab Results video to learn if anyone here has parasites and what we do to help the animal if that is the case.

Order a copy of The Colors of Belonging ~ One Heart Wild Sanctuary Animal Activity Book. 

This wonderful books contains riddles about the animals who live at One Heart Wild, sketches, drawings to color, animal related puzzles, and animal related mindfulness activities. Thanks to a grant from Kitsap Strong we have been able to produce this book, and offer 50 free copies to our community.

  • Fill out the form on the left - books will be sent as soon as they are back from the printer
  • Two books per family household (please contact us if you have more than 2 children -
  • Elementary and middle school ages. 

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