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A mandala is...An integrated structure organized around a unifying center. Longchenpa

Creating a Nature Mandala is a fun and meaning making experience. This can be done alone or with a group or family. Mandala, in Sanskrit, means circle, a symbol representing the sun, moon, and earth. It has been used in cultures and religions around the world as a way of reminding us that we are all connected to the center, and everything that radiates out in to other aspects of life.  

Carl Jung said that a mandala symbolizes "a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness." It is "a synthesis of distinctive elements in a unified scheme representing the basic nature of existence." Jung used the mandala for his own personal growth and wrote about his experiences. (

There is no wrong way to create a mandala. It can be simple or intricate, have a theme to start, or one may emerge as you begin.

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