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The Science: an overview

Our work is fueled by the contemporary science in the field of Trans-Species Psychology which includes integrating psychology, ethology and neuroscience.

Dr. Jaak Panksepp's half century of research into the emotions of non-human animals is not only changing lives for humans but it is revolutionizing our understanding of our connection to nature, evolution and non-human animals.

Our services are dedicated to putting this good science to work for the good of all beings and our earth.

Taking the Emotions of Animals Seriously Through Affective Neuroscience

Most Recent Research in the field of EELP

  • 2015-Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools & Early Intervention compared Equine Assisted Intervention (EAI) & Play-based intervention/ 8 weeks, high-risk mother-child dyads. EAI showed specific advantages & majority of mothers preferred EAI
  • 2014-WSU EELP study funded by NIH showed decreased Cortisol levels & negative behaviors & increased self-awareness, self management & positive behaviors grades 5-8/ 12 weeks after school.

Note: The field of self development and emotional healing, through experiences with horses, is not united in terms of what the modality is called. The following are all ways professionals describe working with humans and horses: Equine Assisted, Equine Facilitated, Equine Guided, and Equine Experiential.

One Heart Wild professionals were certified as Equine Facilitated practitioners, however, we prefer to call our work Equine Experiential because we believe it is the embodied experiences within our work in nature and with horses that is the most profound in terms of impact for human and horse.

It is also helpful to note that Equine Experiential Learning and Psychotherapy is not the same as Hippotherapy or Therapeutic Riding. 

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