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Professional Services: an overview

The essence of our human journey: to heal what has been hurt in relationahip, to understand ourselves more, to learn and practice radical self-kindness and self-acceptance,  to discover how the inside of us is operating so that our self expression is authentic, without judgement for who we "should" be.

When we change, and grow, and more deeply love and accept ourselves through nurturing relationships, we have more love, compassion, and empathy to share with others. Sometimes it is through our relationship with horses and other nonhuman animals that we find the inspiration to begin our healing and personal disovery journey. Many of the sanctuary residents are also seeking the same healing and growth in new relationships with humans.

We invite individuals and referrals from all walks of life to come and learn about themselves by participating in non-riding relational activities with horses and other sanctuary residents. Sessions help indviduals by increasing self-awareness, emotional healing, personal empowerment and resiliency.

On-site Sanctuary Services

  • Animal Assisted Self Development & Psychotherapy
  • Sustainability Programs
  • Sanctuary Volunteer Program
  • Self Leadership (youth, adult, business teams)
  • Teens Breathe Mindfulness Program
  • Public Sanctuary Events, Youth Camps
  • Mind~Body~Horses~Nature Adult Mindfulness

Accepting Referrals From:

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • School Counselors & School Principals
  • Human & Social Services & Self Referrals
  • Educators & Parents
  • Self

Our Services Support:

  • Self Development
  • Human - Non-Human Animal Bond

    Understand your non-human animal behavior challenges. Improve your relationship to a deeper, more reciprocal connection. Discover the science behind our connection with our fellow social animal kin. Learn new ways of being based on what we know today vs. what you may have believed all of your life about "animals."

  • Social Anxiety/Depression
  • Stress Management
  • PTSD/Complex PTSD
  • Secondary Trauma Recovery
  • LGBT Youth & Families
  • Autism
  • Improving Social/Emotional Skills
  • Increasing Emotional Regulation and Resilience
  • Improving Resilience - Social Emotional Skills
  • Self Awareness - Self Regulation
  • Improving Mindful Life Skills

Making An Appointment

There are multiple ways that clients can get on the calendar for an equine experiential session.

  1. Referral from mental health professionals, health care professionals, school principals, school counselors.
  2. Referral from a social or mental health agency.
  3. Referral from insurance companies.
  4. Self referral.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Animal Assisted Service or to get on our calendar for a inquiry call or session.

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